Website Maintenance

Let us manage updates to your website, giving you time to focus on running your business.

As well as designing, developing and hosting your website, Web Lab can keep your website up to date with ongoing maintenance. Many web designers leave you in the cold once a project is delivered but we know an important part of developing your brands online presence is keeping your website up to date.

For Google, updates to your site are the key to improving your search listing. A site that is rarely updated is likely to slip down the ranking, and those sites that are never updated will be unlikely to be found when your customer searches for you.

Updates for CMS packages
Example, sites that run off WordPress that want to maintain that they are running the latest secure version.
2-3 small updates per month
Example, a sites wanting to increase their search results by regularly updating news or monthly special offers
3-5 updates per month
Example, sites needing PDF brochures, regular product changes and updates to news, monthly specials, etc.

Web Lab can handle updates to your website, keeping your website infrastructure up to date to avoid security flaws and allowing you more time to run your business. This is great for those who aren’t tech savvy or creatively minded and would prefer to send through latest news, special offers and updates to their information in an email without having to think about how to format it to display it to the world.