Posted on November 10, 2015 · Less than one minute

Apple Store Designed by Jony Ive

An Apple store has recently opened in Brussels, Belgium designed by Sir Jony Ive, design boss of Apple. While most Apple Stores are known for their design flare and bright spaces, this one takes the idea to the next level, with natural finishes, curved glass panels and eight live trees growing in the middle of the tree, almost giving the place the feel of an orchid. Fitting for Apple?

Posted on September 16, 2015 · Less than one minute

New Web Design


Our second site launch in as many weeks, this time for our friends over at BioRok Technologies whom we have now completed a web site for their subsidiary BioRok Construct.

Check out the design at

Posted on August 12, 2015 · Less than 2 minutes

Reliable Web Hosting in Adelaide?

At Web Lab we often come across businesses who have ran into problems with their web site on another Web Host and the first thing we ask is “Do you have a backup?” We’re shocked how often they have no idea whether their current Web Hosting provider backs up their site or how to access these back ups. In the event that your site or email goes down it’s vital that things are restored as quickly as possible. Downtime and bounced emails results in lost business. Unfortunately, a lot of Web Hosts fall into one of two categories. The “Reseller” or the “Big Company.”

The Big Company host has thousands of clients and if you’ve ever spent thirty minutes on hold to talk to tech support you’ll know how frustrating this can be, especially if your site has gone down.

Reseller Web Hosts can have an impressive looking web site fronting their business but the reality is the business is one person, and hosting is his part time hobby. If you’ve emailed your host for support and received an email back a couple of days later then it’s likely they fall into this category. More often than not these Reseller hosts cannot help you because they have no backup or replication at all.

So How is Web Lab Different?

We replicate to 2 other servers every 30 seconds, so if a server goes down we launch one of our replications.

We backup all Web Sites daily, and for any given web site we have the last 5 daily backups, the last 4 weekly backups and the last 3 monthly backups on hand in case of problems.

All our web hosting is located in Adelaide to maximise speed for Adelaide web surfers as our customers are mostly Adelaide based and 99% of their customers are too.

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