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Posted on May 3, 2016 · 3 minutes

Google Web Spam Report


Google recently released their Web Spam report for 2015 on their Webmaster Central Blog which reported that in the previous calendar year there was an increase in hack websites by 180% over their findings for 2014.

We saw a huge number of websites being hacked – a 180% increase compared to the previous year. Stay safe on the web and take preventative measures to protect your content on the web.

Last year as part of their #NoHacked campaign, Google shared some basic tips on how to keep your site safe which we thought would be useful to share with you today.


1. Strengthen your account security

Creating a password that’s difficult to guess or crack is essential to protecting your site. For example, your password might contain a mixture of letters, numbers, symbols, or be a passphrase. Password length is important. The longer your password, the harder it will be to guess.

When setting up new sites for our clients, Web Lab always uses secure passwords and we recommend using a password generator to come up with a randomised string of characters. Check out strongpasswordgenerator.com


2. Keep your site software up to date

One of the most common ways for a hacker to compromise your site is through insecure software on your site. Be sure to periodically check your site for any outdated software, especially updates that patch security holes.

Web Lab stresses this to all our clients running CMS softwares like WordPress, Joomla or Drupal. So much so that we offer a affordable maintenance package to keeps you up to date and protected. Check out our Website Maintenance page for more information.


3. Research how your hosting provider handles security issues

Your hosting provider’s policy for security and cleaning up hacked sites is in an important factor to consider when choosing a hosting provider. If you use a hosting provider, contact them to see if they offer on-demand support to clean up site-specific problems.

Most hobby hosting providers will leave you high and dry in event of your site being hacked or in need of restoring a backup as many are reselling services of larger companies and have no dedicated support or infrastructure to deal with such requests. Larger hosting companies are more likely to run daily back ups (but not all do) however these companies are usually based in America and have thousands of customers, so it can be difficult to get in touch and receive a quick response.

Web Lab is locally owned and operated and we back up our servers every night. If something goes wrong we’re quick to act.


4. Use Google tools to stay informed of potential hacked content on your site

It’s important to have tools that can help you proactively monitor your site.The sooner you can find out about a compromise, the sooner you can work on fixing your site. We recommend you sign up for Search Console if you haven’t already. Search Console is Google’s way of communicating with you about issues on your site including if we have detected hacked content.

As mentioned earlier, Web Lab offers maintenance services which include daily monitoring of your sites health and analytics. If you don’t have the time or are intimidated by technology but want the piece of mind that your site is protected from spam and hackers, get in touch with us, Web Lab is happy to help you out.